Who We Are?
We are the brand designers. We are a team of four enthusiastic creative minds, aimed to boost up any business by designing brand. We are not an advertising or marketing company which helps a business to fulfill its sales target. We are here to provide a new unique identity that ultimately helps increasing chances of successful business.

The kick off
After completing his graduation Fakhri started his own business of web designing. One fine day one of his client called him at his office and said that he wanted to renovate his business and asked Fakhri’s help for the same. He was not actually sure what he wanted to do. Fakhri understood that his client wanted to apply a theme to his business so that his business name can be recognized everywhere with same theme. He discussed the same idea with me (Hatim). Both of them had started researching on it found that what the client wanted was Branding. We decided to form a team to help the client in Branding his business. Finally, we have formed a team of four players and started
  The Way It Works
A proud, loud, colourful, dramatic and extravagant chap at first sight. I do not sit quietly in a corner trying to look invisible. The boring, everyday routines of domestic life are not in keeping with my lofty ideas of grand passion, so I always need to keep a sense of thrill in my life to keep it alive. I am zany and rebellious, often just to make a point. I apply all these characteristics to the business and the results may come incredible. I am a commerce graduate and spent almost 10 years
in IT industry.
An Entrepreneur. That’s what she would like to call herself. She is a photographer by profession (Passion). She has tried her hands on movie making and editing. At times, she also revisits her old passion of sketching and painting. An IT Engineer decided to follow her passion after serving for 5 years in one
of top 10 IT companies of India.
A born artist. She proved that she is a born artist by getting a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Most of the time she only uses left part of her head. Wherever she goes, whenever she stares, whatever she looks the only thought going in her mind is "this could have been more interesting/colorful/entertaining (Creative)" She is a painter, art & craft designer and a good
teacher as well.
A 24 year old, young hot blooded, gets up in the morning with a thought in his mind to conquer the corporate world. A talkative and creative mind. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application. Expert in web designing and computer graphic editing.